Speaker Profile

Ruben Fernandez

Special Agent Ruben Fernandez began his law enforcement career in 1998 with the former Immigration and Naturalization Service in Laredo, Texas.  In 2001, he returned home to Miami, Florida, as a Postal Inspector, where he was tasked with investigating a wide range of federal violations with a nexus to the U.S. Mail, including financial fraud schemes.  In 2010, he transferred to Homeland Security Investigations, where he focused on financial investigations with a connection to international money laundering organizations and drug trafficking organizations.  During his time in Miami, Special Agent Fernandez was assigned to the Kleptocracy Investigative Group where he conducted investigations of foreign government officials who had embezzled funds from their country’s coffers.  Special Agent Fernandez’s work has been recognized with various awards including the Assistant Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service from the Department of Justice and a FLEOA National Group Achievement Award.  Special Agent Fernandez is currently assigned to Homeland Security Investigations in Atlanta, Georgia, where he continues to work financial investigations.

Nathan Burnham

Nathan Burnham has been a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations since 2008 and is currently assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Atlanta, Georgia.  SA Burnham’s expertise resides in the investigation of financial crimes, with an emphasis in trade-based money laundering, complex fraud schemes, and asset forfeiture.  Prior to his service with HSI, SA Burnham served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge with the Georgia Department of Revenue.